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Our Mission

To make property investment as easy and rewarding as possible.

Our Story

We established Kunama in 2016 when we first started investing in property. As we began to acquire one landmark site after another and sign deals no one thought possible, people started to take notice and asked if we could help them do the same. 


We realised that so many investors were being held back from developing property by problems that we could solve. And we were keen to solve them.


If we could help investors build new houses that people could call home, just by making property development more accessible, we wanted to do it.


If we could help create new places for people to work and play, just by helping investors achieve a healthy rate of return, then we wanted to do it.


And so we do. Today we help people from all over Australia invest in their future, one property at a time.

Our Name

Kunama is the name of the street where we bought our first investment property. That is, on Kunama Drive, Kingston Beach. The name, meaning ‘snow’, was brought to Tasmania by a developer from Jindabyne, NSW, all the way back when Kingston was being developed. Aboriginal in origin, it is also currently being proposed as the dual name for Mt. Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in Australia.

The meaning also has a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of where it all started, the little village in Lebanon our parents are from. Over the winter, rain and snow fall on the mountains of Lebanon, piling up on the mountain and inside it. After the wet season has finished, enormous natural aquifers then slowly pour out that water all over Lebanon. Giving the country, and our little village, fresh, clean water all year round.

This is what the A on the end of Kunama symbolises: A mountain full of water. Which also happens to be a great symbol for property development. In property development, you gather and build for what can be years before you see water come pouring out of that mountain. But when you do, and that water comes day or night, you will be grateful.

What Makes us Different?

Our People

Sam Chedid


Peter Chedid


Stephanie Huizing


Daryll Taylor


Maddy Drew


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