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Kunama clients enjoying their peace of mind

We maximise your rental return and guarantee our work. With 2 managers for every 1 property and a history of success, it’s time to relax.

We've helped our clients achieve great results

​"Stephanie and her team are great to work with - they are friendly, highly professional, responsive and very thorough. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them as the best property managers I have ever dealt with."

"I am delighted to share my experience with Kunama Property. In a tough rental market, their assistance made finding a new home remarkably stress-free. This excellent stewardship of the properties and clear communication attest to their dedication and commitment to their roles."

"I am so glad I chose Stephanie. She has been so professional, advising on the best strategies to market the property. I am happy to be able to give back a little in this review, to thank her for all the hard and good work she has done."

"Stephanie was an absolute pleasure to deal with: attentive and focused yet easygoing and delivered a result way beyond our expectations."

Property Management You Can Trust 

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A Good Property Manager 
is Hard to Find

Because Property Management is Hard -- and you're options aren't great.

You might have been disappointed by property managers before -- and you could keep struggling with your current manager. 

You might be exhausted from trying to do it all yourself -- and you could keep trying to juggle everything.


Or you might be totally new to it all -- and you don't know where to start.

Kunama client getting in contact

What you need is assurance that you have found the right property manager.

One that shows why you should look no further. That guarantees their work. One that doesn’t disappoint.

A History of Success

With a 5-star average review rating across all major review platforms, we have hundreds of happy clients & tenants to show for all our rewarding work.

We Guarantee Our Work 
If we don't get back to you: No management fees for a week. If a tenant doesn't work out: We re-let at no additional charge. If we take too long to secure a tenant: No management fees for a month.

Flexible Fee Structure

​Avoid paying letting fees and being left out of pocket at the start of each tenancy. Choose the fee structure that suits you best.

Our 2:1 Policy

We understand that people can get sick or need a holiday. So, each of our properties are cared for by a team of two Portfolio Managers. That’s why we are always available to assist you.

Investment Property Management

​Priority access to Kunama Buyers Agency, Construction and Sales Agency services.  All you need to invest and grow your property portfolio.

We Care

​For every property we lease, we donate a warm meal for someone who is homeless through Salvation Army.

In-Touch Management

​Our Director personally visits each property regularly and takes the time to get to know every owner and tenant that we are privileged to look after.

Dedicated Property Management

We are not your typical real estate agency that also does property management. It’s our highest priority. That means you and your property always come first. And we don’t get distracted by a quick commission.

The Kunama Difference

Hundreds of happy clients and tenants over a decade of rewarding work.

Kristen Tomajka

​"I've recently re-hired Stephanie Huizing as my property manager, who has made my life so much easier. Stephanie is professional, reliable, trustworthy and has made me feel light with responsibility - exactly as I had hoped. Stephanie has superior knowledge with respect to property management, is flexible, accountable and highly communicative with nothing being a problem for her. I am extremely satisfied and I highly recommend her!"

Gerrit Kamper

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Kunama Property Management. Always available, professional and courteous in managing our tenancy with the owner. Thanks so much for Stephanie and the Kunama team! Keep up the great work!"

Tioni Woodland

"Stephanie has been absolutely amazing in ensuring I settled into my new rental property. The whole process has been a positive one. Couldn’t recommend Kunama and Stephanie enough."

What Makes us Different?

Our People

Stephanie Huizing

+61 448 620 047

Maddy Drew

+61 475 768 690

  • Elevate your investment property's performance with our premier Short Term Rental Management service. Specialising in Airbnb Management, we offer a comprehensive solution designed to maximise your earnings and streamline your operations. Our expert team provides end-to-end vacation management, ensuring your property not only meets but exceeds guest expectations. From dynamic pricing strategies to professional cleaning and guest communication, we handle every aspect of your short term rental, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free returns. Whether you're new to the market or looking to optimise your existing listings, our tailored approach ensures your property stands out in the competitive short term rental landscape.

  • Tenants are critical to your investment, and we prioritise maintaining excellent relationships with them. We promptly address their inquiries or complaints, oversee maintenance and repair requests, and efficiently handle disputes or breaches of lease terms. Furthermore, we manage tenant move-ins and move-outs, ensuring a smooth transition each time.

  • The condition of your property directly affects its value and desirability to tenants. We conduct routine inspections to make sure it is well-maintained. When necessary, we coordinate with reliable service providers for routine maintenance or urgent repairs. For vacant properties, we ensure security and upkeep to protect your investment.

  • Our rigorous financial management services include handling budgets for property expenses, tracking and reconciling income and expenditures, and preparing regular financial reports for your review.

  • We manage all the necessary paperwork, from tenancy agreements to lease renewals, while keeping meticulous records of all transactions, correspondences, and invoices. We also keep up to date with the latest property laws and regulations to ensure full compliance.

  • To minimize vacancies, we market your property to attract potential tenants. We screen prospective tenants rigorously, conduct property showings, and handle lease signings to ensure that we admit only reliable and high-quality renters.

  • We believe in transparent and regular communication. We provide you with frequent updates on your property’s status, report significant issues promptly, and discuss potential solutions. We are also available to provide advice on property-related matters such as market trends, potential property upgrades, and rent adjustments.

  • To protect your investment, we handle all aspects of risk management. This includes ensuring compliance with property laws and regulations, managing insurance matters, and addressing any potential liability issues.

Our Services

Hundreds of happy clients and tenants over a decade of rewarding work.

Mark, Landlord

"I explained to Stephanie that I wanted to find a tenant on a short term lease for a high quality apartment in Hobart's Macquarie Point. In very welcome and professional style, she quickly found a tenant with wonderful recommendations. The service was professional and responsive, and I'm really pleased with the result."

Safdar, Landlord

"Kunama has been managing my portfolio for a bit and i have to say it gives me a sense of peace. They deal with everything exceptionally well. I have had no issues and always find the team to be friendly, caring towards the tenants (In my view it is very important that my loyal tenants are well looked after) and willing to help."

Andrea, Landlord

"Stephanie had high standards with how our property was to be maintained, how much we could rent it out, the best way to advertise and what price we could expect. And she exceeded those high standards, dramatically decreasing our potential stress."

Craig, Tenant

"I found these guys so helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend this company to anyone renting. Best experience I have had in the rental market. Thank you so much Maddy you are incredible at your job. Kind regards."

Laura, Tenant

So caring and the team goes above and beyond to make sure you have a happy, safe and maintained home. Their commitment to their customers is outstanding - special thanks to Stephanie and Madeleine for going above and beyond. Highly recommend these two ladies and Kunama Property if you are ever in the market of buying, selling or renting."

Courtney, Tenant

"For the last 2 and half year years now I have been renting through Kunama Property and they have been absolutely wonderful, Stephanie & Madeline are absolutely amazing! They are both so incredibly kind and have been very supportive and assisting to me and my family. Highly recommend Kunama Property!"

Ready to Relax?

Flexible Fee Structures​

Immediate access to two portfolio managers

An agency that cares

Guaranteed work

A growth plan that reaches your goals

Already Have a Property Manager?

Let us Handle the Switch

Say goodbye to the stress of switching agencies. If you want to engage us, we can handle the transition process from A to Z, leaving you with no awkward situations or interactions.

You Engage Kunama

We notify your agent

We ensure a smooth transition for you, your property, and your tenants

Get Satisfying Service Today

Give your property the portfolio manager it needs to protect your interests and reach your goals. 

  • Each manager is limited to a maximum of 100 properties to ensure each one gets all the attention it deserves. However, this number can be lower if some properties require more attention. For example, if they are further away, furnished or a short-term rental.

  • Our fees are flexible and can vary depending on your needs. We will need to assess your property to provide that information.

  • We can try, but again, it depends on the level of service your property needs. Because property management is a labour-intensive service, fees typically go in proportion to the level of service. Keep this in mind when comparing agencies. In other words, a lower cost usually means less service.

  • For many real estate agencies, the core focus is selling properties. To these agencies, property management is a sideline.  We’re property management specialists. Property management is all we do, so looking after your investment property is always our number one priority.

  • The biggest value we provide is peace of mind. With Kunama you can trust that your investment is being nurtured and protected.  Some of the unique ways we show this are our service guarantees, our 2 managers for every 1 property policy, our investment management approach, and our dedication to property management.

    A great property manager is so much more than a rent collector. We look after everything. We pay the bills, we manage insurance claims, and in the event of troublesome tenants, we even go to court for you.

  • This depends on the level and type of interest. We show our properties by open home and private inspections.  Open homes are the best way for your investment property to reach the widest number of prospective tenants and create a sense of competition.  However, not everyone is available to attend open inspections. It’s important to accommodate people who might be busy at work by offering flexibility – after all, these tenants are often the best ones to snap up as they have good employment and less opportunities to view competing properties.

  • In most real estate agencies, the person who “signs you up” won’t be managing your property. They might be very impressive. But that’s not much good if your property is ultimately being managed by someone who passed the assistant property manager exam three months ago.

    At Kunama, everyone on our team has at least 5 years of experience, a reputation for success, and a spotless record. But if you want to know more, just get in touch, and we will introduce you.

  • At least 5 years of experience.

  • Because of our 2 managers to every one property policy, it is highly unlikely that you will ever experience a complete changeover in managers. One might leave due to unforeseen circumstances but the other will remain. You should always have at least one person who is familiar with you and your property.

  • We conduct an initial inspection in the first 6 weeks to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed. Then we conduct routine inspections of the property every three to four months. For tenancies that require close monitoring, we ensure to conduct the maximum inspections permitted by legislation.

  • 0% of our tenants had failed to pay their rent on time at the time of writing this. But as this can vary slightly. Feel free to get in touch if you want to know the current percentage. We follow a strict arrears policy to ensure we always maintain an industry-leading rent arrears percentage.

    Note: The industry average is 2.5%.

  • With all of our experience! After meeting thousands of prospective tenants, we’ve developed pretty good instincts and it’s safe to say that a first impression can be telling.  But we also follow strict procedures and provide you with feedback after a thorough check of references, creditworthiness, employment, and previous rental history.  We even conduct social media checks which can reveal a lot of useful information about a prospective tenant.  We believe that it is better to take some extra time to find the right tenant at the start of the tenancy as this saves our landlords a lot of stress and problems down the track.

  • Of course. This is part of the Kunama difference. You will always have direct contact with both of your property managers. Speaking directly with the agent that knows you, your property, and your tenants is a big plus. It means you receive accurate information at all times and things aren’t overlooked or miscommunicated.

  • Yes, we use all the latest technologies to ensure we manage our client’s properties effectively. All our landlords and tenant have access to their own Online Portal. And we also cater to clients that prefer doing things the old-fashioned way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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