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Welcome to Kunama

A property development partner you can trust. We are leading the way in sustainable and innovative property solutions. Let's build a better future together. 

About Us

Kunama Property Group is a premier property development firm dedicated to creating sustainable and innovative solutions across Australia. With a robust portfolio of successful residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, we are committed to building communities that thrive and stand the test of time.

Founder & Managing Director

Sam Chedid

Sam Chedid, the Founder and Managing Director of Kunama, is a leading figure in Southern Tasmania’s property development scene. With a career spanning more than fifteen years, Sam’s strategic insight and entrepreneurial spirit have driven Kunama’s growth since its founding in 2016. Under his leadership, Kunama has acquired 36 sites, comprising a mixture of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, with a combined pipeline value over $150 million. Sam’s commitment to maximizing property potential and his ability to execute large-scale developments position him as a highly influential and accomplished developer in Tasmania.

Founder & Co-Director

Peter Chedid

As the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Kunama, Peter has been a cornerstone in establishing Kunama’s reputation and trust among investors at all levels. Through his strategic marketing and clear communication of Kunama’s brand and its projects, Peter has played a key role in securing vital partnerships that have driven the company's success. Since establishing Kunama in 2016, his marketing strategies have helped bring millions of dollars of investor funds into Tasmanian projects and solidified crucial relationships within the industry. Peter’s contributions have been instrumental in laying the foundation for Endevor and continue to drive its success.

Project Manager

Daryll Taylor

Daryll is a top civil construction manager in Tasmania, with a career marked by overseeing projects valued at over half a billion dollars. He has been instrumental in major infrastructure projects such as the NBN and Natural Gas rollout, improving Tasmania's connectivity and energy networks. Daryll has also managed the demolition of significant urban redevelopment projects, including the Hedberg, Theatre Royal, Ibis Hotel, and University of Tasmania's Melville building and the Commons. Known for his meticulous planning, effective team management, and strict adherence to quality, safety, and regulatory standards, Daryll ensures that every project he manages not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Leadership Team

Current Projects

SDA Apartments

15 apartments for National Disability Scheme Participants.

SDA Houses

Multiple SDA Houses in strategic locations across Greater Hobart.

Contact Us

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